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Can I get infected with COVID-19 with a Helmet?

Is it safe to wear a helmet shipped from China? What is the proper way to clean helmet and keep yourself safe away from the virus? The two questions arose up when the pandemic is hanging around on earth for more than half year.

We would advise the following to keep you safe from the virus according to the information found from CDC and testing done by Bicycle helmet institute in U.S.

Let’s start with the No recommended methods. Dishwasher and washing machine is not recommended.simply because It damages helmets.

Beside cleaning a helmet generally as you take care of it as before, to eliminate the COVID-19 virus is to wash with soap and water. Then dry. CDC has this additional advice about mailed packages. So if you do receive a helmet internationally, you can clean with soap and water. Further comments on this, the newly increased COVID-19 cases in China is very few. In Aurora sports helmet manufacturer, there is no case found and reported. Thus, it should be no worries about it if it comes from China.

"If surfaces are cleaned or even if you touch a contaminated surface but then wash your hands properly, the low risk of transmission from a contaminated surface becomes even lower risk," Dr. Manisha Juthani, an infectious disease doctor and associate professor of medicine at Yale University. So it is not a matter of the virus on the surface of the helmet, but keep washing hands to stay safe from the virus.

In addition, if you decide to use a water/bleach solution to speed up decontamination of a helmet that may have been exposed to COVID-19 you are not likely to damage the helmet. If you have more time, just putting the helmet on a shelf for more than three days will accomplish the same thing according to the CDC data. That's what we would recommend doing, even with a brand new helmet. The bleach could fade a new helmet's interior, so we would just quarantine it and wash it normally with warm water and mild soap before wearing as you would with any article of clothing.

If you have any questions about cleaning and care for helmets, please feel free to reach us.