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Should I choose an EN397 safety helmet or EN12492 climbing safety helmet?

If you check the helmets for sale, you will find that many safety helmets are not only certified to EN397, but also certified to EN12492. So what are main differences between these two kinds of certified helmets? Should you buy an EN397 helmet or an EN12492 helmet instead?

For EN397 safety helmet, the official name is Industrial safety helmets. As the name suggests, it is suitable for industrial safety, and it is also widely used in construction work. Generally, the EN397 helmet is composed of a plastic shell and a suspension system inside. The EN397 safety helmet impact test is only on the top, thus the main protection position is also on the top. The chin strap of EN397 helmet is also required to be released during 150N-250N to enable timely escape.

For EN12492 safety helmet, the official name is Mountaineering equipment-Helmets, also known as climbing helmet. It is widely used in climbing and work at height. EN12492 helmets usually have an EPS shock absorbing liner inside, which can absorb impact well. The EN12492 safety helmet impact test can provide comprehensive protection in all directions. The chin strap of EN12492 is not allowed to be released under 500N. The main reason is to consider the danger of working at height. The helmet should be fixed on the head at any time.

Of course, there are some other differences between them. But you can refer to the above main differences and choose a helmet that suits your work! Aurora helmet factory provides both helmets so that they can meet different customers’ diverse needs!