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Style Over Speed-AURORA BH20

Aurora Sports always keeps in mind understands how much itth is important toe importance of Aerodynamics for a cycling helmet, and always applys its principal when developing a new product. With this vision, our engineer team craft the details to the uttermost and finally we are glad to officially release our new cycle helmet-model BH20 today.
, which is also a key factor considered during our road racing helmet development.

The aerodynamics principal of Tthe new BH20 cycling helmet is presented by its internal air channeling, size, number, and position of the vents, and its design of the shape. combines an aerodynamic design, low weight (250 g in size M) and air circulation (12 vents). It has been specifically designed to be the most aerodynamic as possible, and suitable for road, Triathlon and TT use. Our R&D team came up with this design based onfollowing extensive testing in the wind tunnel. It's also a helmet developed withunder the same very rigorous testing and specifications same as top cycling helmet brands, such as Giro, our previous adult helmets.

The new Aurora BH20 helmet is available for different kind of customization now, especially branding with your own logo.

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