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  • Aurora - Your China Samrt LED Helmet Expert
  • Model No.: AU-R5
  • Vents: 8 vents
  • Weight: 350 g
  • Material:PC+EPS in mold + integrated LED light (rechargeable polymer battery) + automatic brake warning lights + rear button + USB charger port,flexible patent adjustment rubber knob,nylon chin strap and ITW buckle
  • Size:M/L 58-62 cm
  • Technology :In-mold technology, Modular design, Smart lightning
  • Certificate:CE EN 1078/CPSC

Bike Helmet with Smart Signal LED, Smart Flashing LED Bicycle Helmet AU-R5

 smart LED bike helmet


The Specification of LED bike helmet

The new LED bike helmet with smart Automatic lighting, improve your visibility at night! Creating a safer & joyful cycling experience!

* Safety body: one-piece in-mold construction body boast of maximum protection
* Intelligent lighting: 7 high-brightness LED taillights automatically light or off according to the intensity of light, the visible distance is over 180 meters
* Brake warning lights and automatic shutdown: when braking, all light are lighting for about 2 seconds. Remove the helmet for about 20 minutes, the helmet automatically power off
* One key control of 3 light modes: shortly press the key to switch the light mode after booting: tide mode, flash mode, flash mode
* Applications: electric car, electric scooter, balance car, bicycle, roller skating
* Charging method: USB charging
* Charging time: 1 hour
* Use time: 36 hours

[Automatic Light Sensation LED Lighting Introduction]
Bright but not Dazzling/ As equipped a 7-key high brightness LED lighting group, with automatic light sensation function, this bling helmet is capable of automatic starting up or standby according to the intensity of the ambient light. By adopting precise mirror polishing process, the lighting strip reaches a 180-meter visual distance, a sweet safe companion in the late night.
smart LED bike helmet
Elegant urban design
LED road bike helmet
Smart warning Light on the back of helmet
LED road bike helmet
Safety is one of the most important things in life, and when you ride a bike it should be your primary consideration. A helmet is an essential part of your gear.The rear led light has strong brightness, 3 light modes: high, sos, strobe, it is controlled by button which is waterproof also.
LED helmet supplier
Charging interface:
The polymer battery can be rechargeable repeatedly by magnetic USB cable, the recharging time is only 1H
LED helmet supplier




The Customized accessories: 

There are four different helmet strap buckle for your freely choice: 

- Standard ITW brand Nylon helmet buckle 
- Traditional helmet buckle 
- Patent self-developed magnetic buckle (the comprehensive safety, functionality and great ease of 
use of helmets with the "one-hand fastener",with strong magnets make them easy to close and open, very convenient and safe). 
- Fidlock brand magetic buckle. 

Customized varieties colors of helmet accessories for your freely choice: 

- Available helmet lockable strap divider in varieties color. 
- Available helmet strap buckle in varieties colors. 
- Available helmet strap holder in varieties colors.

LED cycling helmet
Don't be surprised! As a factory with 25-year R&D experience, we have developed a serie of adjustments for different helmets & comply with different helmet designs!You can find Up & Down adjuster, Y shape adjuster, LED adjuster,full head adjuster, transparent adjuster, integrated adjuster, etc. all at our factory! What's more, in order to satisfy your brand demand, we can add logo stickers or customize your exclusive adjuster according to your design or idea! The multi-color combination of our adjustments is also one of its highlights.We promise every rotating dial adjustment is of well-made & can provide you a comfortable & stable fitting experience! 

 LED cycling helmet


There different kinds of inner padding fabric options. 
EVA pads: It is closed cell and impervious to water, has resilient feel. 
Mesh pads: it can prevent dust and small insect fly into the helmet during wild riding. 
Nylon pads: antibacterial and skin-friendly, easy to clean. 
Velvet pads: very soft and comfortable feeling. 
Cool max pads: very high-end, can keep the hair dry and cool during riding. 
Low quality pads: easy broken after friction with hair, uncomfortable and hot. 

LED cycling helmet


The head circumference knowledge of baby bicycle helmets:

European Headform:

An Oval shaped helmet is designed for a rider's head with a dimension which is considerably fit for Europeans. 

Generic headform:

A generic headform helmet is designed for a rider's head with a dimension which is slightly longer front-to-back than its side-to-side measurement.

Asian headform:

A Round shaped helmet is designed for a rider's head with a dimension which is condierably fit for Asians.

smart LED cycling helmet

Our Test lab:

In order to manufacture quality helmets, we learn not only from the design theory, but also make progress from testing result! That's why our factory equipped with professional testing lab to ensure every design is practical & amenable! Our testing standard is more strict than the related certificate requirements, that's why we can promise the model that we provide can definitely pass the corresponding test by third-party!

LED helmet supplier


Below is our certificate :we have ISO9001 ,letters patent ,CE documents ,and we have our own lab to make sure every our product can meet the testing requirements

smart LED cycling helmet
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