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How to clean and storage your bicycle helmet?

Generally all helmets come with instruction, and all instructions have directions for cleaning.

In order to clean your bicycle helmet, you should always follow the manufacturer's instructions. How? Lets have a look.

Cleaning and Storage Instructions:

CLEANING: Clean the helmet only with water, neutral pH soap, and

a soft, clean cloth, allowing it to air dry at room temperature. The

removable cradle lining can be hand- or machine-washed in cold water

(max. 30°C - 85°F). In no case should chemical detergents or solvents

be used.

STORAGE: When not in use, the helmet should be stored away from

direct sunlight and sources of heat, We recommend storing it in the

original packaging.

Some customers may not read the instruction carefully. After some time wearing in a day, then forget to take helmet into house but let it stay under the sun and heat which cause a small distortion like below picture.

So it is very important to have a good storage custom.