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Market Trend: is the shared scooter helmet clean?

Safety is always the first thing that we should consider when we go out for a trip or work. Due to the spread of the covid-19, bike or scooter becoming an important tool. Whats more, many companies start sharing business.

In China, we have mobai, meituan shared bicycle on the street that people can scan the code and rent it for a short trip. There is also many start-up join this rideshare competition. A term comes out and become very popular called scooter share. In a U.S. website, they define this term as following: Scooter share lets you rent an electric foot scooter for a quick errand, a trip to light rail, or a climate-friendly commute trip. You rent the nearest available scooter, ride it to where you want to go, and leave it responsibly parked for the next person to ride.

It is not easy to always carry a helmet with you. But wearing a helmet is necessary to keep you safe while riding the scooter. It is a pain point for scooter share company. While scooter company has different way to handle it. For example, they offer free helmet online.

Another example is the wheels. They created a smart helmet system. You can unlock the helmet but scan the QR code like unlock the scooter. The helmet is customized and match the scooter. We can provide ODM service and helped many brands to make their own helmets.

But a question raise up when helmet is shared. The helmet padding is made of fabric, which keep the bacterial and dirt from hair. There is health and clean concern when helmet is shared with strangers. And a shared clean helmet is needed on market.

As a longstanding helmet manufacturer in China and around the word, Aurora sports has worked with several companies on this issue and few solutions on it. Even though, the best solution is not confirmed yet. We are on the way there and looking forward to work with you guys to create a clean helmet for riders.