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Classification and certification of Ski Helmets

Ski Helmets from the scope of protection to differentiate:CLASS A and CLASS B. European standard CE EN1077 divided into CLASS A ski helmets and CLASS...

Three material used in helmets’ outer shell

As a protective gear, helmet is used to protect the wearer's head in case of an accident. It can reduce injuries, even saving lives in some extreme ca...

New helmet rule is unscientific

MYSURU: Members of the Association of Concerned and Informed Citizens, Mysuru, and other likeminded organizations held a meeting at the Institute of E...

EU Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of Conformity-Module.pdf

Are You a Real Rock Climber?

Are You a Real Rock Climber? Hi everybody, GOOD DAY! Today, let’s talk about the real rock climbers. These days that call themselves rock climbers, b...

Good news from China helmet factory - Our award-winning

This is a very happy thing. 60 days ago, helmet factory in China took part in a Web site contest, today is the day of the end of the game. Pleasure, i...
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Release on2021-06-23
>The cost of freight is growing continuously since the beginning of this year. Have you ever wondered why and what to do?> How do you know, the Covid......Read More>>
Release on2021-06-23
Every single year, around 40 cyclists die on roads in western country. And with more cyclists on the roads than ever, there’s a risk that number coul......Read More>>
Release on2021-04-09
Let’s continue with our discussion of helmet related questions. 3.Will I be protected by a helmet from another sport? A helmet is designed for the sp......Read More>>
Release on2021-04-02
The bicycle helmet has come a long way since its rudimentary beginnings. Over the years, safety, design, and build materials have improved significant......Read More>>
Release on2021-03-27
You know it is important to wear a helmet while riding, and many countries set draconian stipulations or laws to regularize people’s behavior. But do......Read More>>
Release on2021-03-27
Child and toddler helmets have appeared with rubber animal ears and noses mounted on them. Some go well beyond that, with high ridges, horns and other......Read More>>
Release on2021-02-03
Teenagers are reluctant to wear a helmet when they are over age 12. Ultimately, this issue boils down to your son or daughter is in the age group wher......Read More>>
Release on2021-01-26
Time files, we will be on Chinese New Year holiday in less than two weeks. Even though, the world includes China still under shade of Covid-19, everyb......Read More>>
Release on2021-01-23
Riding a bike under dark condition is not a fun story. Without enough light source, life is in a dangerous condition. On one hand, you can’t tell the......Read More>>
Release on2021-01-14
Even the best helmets are not able to protect against every type of impact. For maximum protection they have to be optimized for the type of blow you ......Read More>>
Release on2021-01-08
When the bell of the new year rings, when the clock hit 12 O’clock, have you had chosen your gift for your child? How would you express your love, wi......Read More>>
Release on2020-12-25
As a protective gear, helmet is used to protect the wearer's head in case of an accident. It can reduce injuries, even saving lives in some extreme ca......Read More>>
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