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Classification and certification of Ski Helmets

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet factory
  • Release on:2017-01-03
Ski Helmets from the scope of protection to differentiate:CLASS A and CLASS B.

European standard CE EN1077 divided into CLASS A ski helmets and CLASS B ski helmets.

CLASS b: earmuffs for soft, CLASS a: earmuffs for hard.

Compare the two: scope of protection more than CLASS b CLASS a, relatively. CLASS b helmets are mainly used in ordinary skiing, CLASS a helmet is mainly used in the race.

Ski uses mainly differentiates: Apline Helmet,Nordic Helmet,Freestyle Helmet.

Resulting from the Alps for Alpine skiing, cross-country skiers from Nordic, freestyle skiing, from United States. Alpine skiing faster, generally use CLASS a helmet; cross-country skiing is mainly used common CLASS b helmet helmet is somewhat similar to a skateboard helmet in freestyle skiing, pay attention and action in the snow in the air.

Ski helmet certification are:

CE EN1077: European certification, recently most of the helmets on the market is the certification;
ASTM F:2040: United States certification;
FIS 2013/2014 : on the basis of EN 1077/A, to increase the impact velocity from EN 1077/A 5.38m/s 6.8M/s, value is not less than 250g. So FIS standards stricter than EN 1077/A 2013/2014. (Under this description: FIS 2013/2014 must be of CLASS A,CLASS b helmet could not meet that standard.
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