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Happy skiing to note what

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet factory
  • Release on:2017-01-05
Skiing is an exciting sport, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, fear of heights, schizophrenia, and pregnant women, the elderly and infirm, alcoholics, people with other serious illnesses, participation is strictly prohibited.

Lack of physical exercise, and not to warm up to prepare the case, not to ski. Ski fall among the injured persons, no warm-up, injuries are much more serious.
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Ski and be sure to check the equipment is intact. Read in ski safety rules and all kinds of advertisement boards, tips, sign, pay attention to coaches or security tips.

Some high energy foods: once drunk in skiing fun often forgot to eat and, therefore, should bring a high energy packed food, such as beef jerky, chocolate, ensure an adequate energy supply.

Ramp on a beginner, avoid blind pursuit of fun and excitement. Learn to ski should first learn how to wrestle down pose and angle is important. Skiers if you feel will fall, should quickly throw snowball, hugged her in front of the chest to prevent knee-jerk put up, with hips falling to the side. Not pour back yangshen, curled up body sidewise fall must not attempt to use the "back" way to stop because it skis will still move along snow road, and "people" are very dangerous.

Skiing, note that kept others at a distance, should not fight each other, rather than fall, to avoid collision with other skiers. High speeds with a certain degree of risk, in front of the sliding process if the situation is not known to, or ski equipment there are exception, should stop and look, not adventure.
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Above considerations, we have to remember, not blind confidence, ready to make you better enjoy the fun of skiing!

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