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Can we use one helmet for everything?
Release on2021-01-14Even the best helmets are not able to protect against every type of impact. For maximum protection they have to be optimized for the type of blow you ...Read More
What’s the best gift for your children
Release on2021-01-08When the bell of the new year rings, when the clock hit 12 O’clock, have you had chosen your gift for your child? How would you express your love, wi...Read More
Three material used in helmets’ outer shell
Release on2020-12-25As a protective gear, helmet is used to protect the wearer's head in case of an accident. It can reduce injuries, even saving lives in some extreme ca...Read More
Which country have more draconian traffic laws pertaining to wearing helmet? UK or China?
Release on2020-12-16In April 2020, the "One Helmet and One Belt" security initiative was carried out across China. On May 20, 2020, the Ministry of Public Security urged ...Read More
How to clean and storage your bicycle helmet?
Release on2020-12-12Generally all helmets come with instruction, and all instructions have directions for cleaning. In order to clean your bicycle helmet, you should alwa...Read More
Market Trend: is the shared scooter helmet clean?
Release on2020-12-04Safety is always the first thing that we should consider when we go out for a trip or work. Due to the spread of the covid-19, bike or scooter becomin...Read More
Aurora’s OEM customization service
Release on2020-12-04Aurora Sports, as one of the top manufacturer who owns over 20 years helmet R&D capability and is dedicated to helmet production over 10 years in Chin...Read More
Helmet for E-Scooters and e-mobility devices
Release on2020-11-27With the development of cities, urban traffic has become increasingly crowded, which has led to more and more people choosing to use E-Scooters and E-...Read More
AURORA - Your Best Helmet Development and Manufacturing Partner in China!
Release on2020-11-21The helmet business in 2020 is very hot, and many of our customers' sales have doubled. For those who want to start the helmet business, in addition t...Read More
Electric Scooter Riding Safety
Release on2020-11-03The popularity of Electric scooter is growing and it becomes a new transportation method for people live in the city. There many motives for consumers...Read More
Healthy RIDING
Release on2020-10-29It is necessary to wear a helmet to ride a bicycle. Wearing a helmet can prevent brain injuries caused by falls or other accidents. When you are ridin...Read More
Aurora new helmets 2021 series introduction
Release on2020-10-27As China leading helmet manufacturer, Aurora Sports never stop exploring new possibilities and keep developing new helmets for our global customers. E...Read More
Helmet for very large head and very small heads
Release on2020-10-17There are certain characteristics for people’s head, moreover, there is a general range of head circumference for different age groups. For example, ...Read More
Release on2020-09-21A question I often get asked by customers, “When should I replace my bicycle helmet?” As we all know, in most of countries we are required by law to...Read More
Should I choose an EN397 safety helmet or EN12492 climbing safety helmet?
Release on2020-09-11If you check the helmets for sale, you will find that many safety helmets are not only certified to EN397, but also certified to EN12492. So what are ...Read More
Intelligent mobility--Smart helmet with LED light
Release on2020-09-07With the rise increasingly of e bike, balance scooters, and other intelligent mobility, smart helmet with LED light is also becoming a trend for road/...Read More
Can I get infected with COVID-19 with a Helmet?
Release on2020-08-25Is it safe to wear a helmet shipped from China? What is the proper way to clean helmet and keep yourself safe away from the virus? The two questions a...Read More
How to choose a perfect bicycle helmet?
Release on2020-08-14Wearing a bicycle helmet while cycling is becoming an important part of safe cycling. Not matter during cycling race or riding on the street. There is...Read More
How to properly wear a bike helmet?
Release on2020-08-05Wearing a helmet is necessary when riding a bicycle. Many people get injured or died due to lacking of head protection. The tragedy can be avoided wit...Read More
Safety Hat(Industrial) And Safety Helmet(Road)
Release on2020-07-29Although, both safety hat and safety helmets belong to head labor protection products and have very similar functions. However, the two are still diff...Read More