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Suelte el2020-09-21A question I often get asked by customers, “When should I replace my bicycle helmet?” As we all know, in most of countries we are required by law to...Leer más
Should I choose an EN397 safety helmet or EN12492 climbing safety helmet?
Suelte el2020-09-11If you check the helmets for sale, you will find that many safety helmets are not only certified to EN397, but also certified to EN12492. So what are ...Leer más
Intelligent mobility--Smart helmet with LED light
Suelte el2020-09-07With the rise increasingly of e bike, balance scooters, and other intelligent mobility, smart helmet with LED light is also becoming a trend for road/...Leer más
Can I get infected with COVID-19 with a Helmet?
Suelte el2020-08-25Is it safe to wear a helmet shipped from China? What is the proper way to clean helmet and keep yourself safe away from the virus? The two questions a...Leer más
How to choose a perfect bicycle helmet?
Suelte el2020-08-14Wearing a bicycle helmet while cycling is becoming an important part of safe cycling. Not matter during cycling race or riding on the street. There is...Leer más
How to properly wear a bike helmet?
Suelte el2020-08-05Wearing a helmet is necessary when riding a bicycle. Many people get injured or died due to lacking of head protection. The tragedy can be avoided wit...Leer más
Safety Hat(Industrial) And Safety Helmet(Road)
Suelte el2020-07-29Although, both safety hat and safety helmets belong to head labor protection products and have very similar functions. However, the two are still diff...Leer más
Several widely used logo types for helmet branding
Suelte el2020-07-23If you are one of SMEs that has just started the helmet business, it seems a good choice to find great helmets and make the branding. Among them, putt...Leer más
A short History Of Safety Helmet
Suelte el2020-04-25The safety helmets have a long history, dating back to ancient times. When primitives hunted wild animals and fought, they used fibrous materials such...Leer más
What's the difference between Short track and long track speed skating?
Suelte el2020-04-14Most people know these two forms of competition. While many people wants to know more about their difference. Below are a preliminary introduction for...Leer más
The Importance of Head Protection for E-scooter riders
Suelte el2020-04-09E-scooters can be seen everywhere in people’s lives in recent years. The need for sustainable urban mobility and modern transportation infrastructure...Leer más
Brief Introduction: Helmets for equestrian use PAS 015:2011
Suelte el2020-03-31PAS015 testing standard is widely used for equestrian helmet and still requested by many riders. As a consumer, it is good to know how does our head i...Leer más
Reasons to Wear A Helmet
Suelte el2020-03-24Reasons to Wear A HelmetIt seems like not a cool thing to wear a bicycle helmet, but if you want to protect your head from injuries caused by falling ...Leer más
A brief history of helmet
Suelte el2020-03-17A brief history of helmet Bicycle has gradually become a better tool for people's travel and leisure since its invention. people present more love an...Leer más
Aurora Helmet Factory: Isolate the coronavirus, do not isolate love!
Suelte el2020-03-14Aurora Helmet Factory: Isolate the coronavirus, do not isolate love! At the beginning of 2020, people were trapped by an epidemic called "new Coronavi...Leer más
Suelte el2019-11-26WHAT’S THE MOST USEFUL PPE IN SPORTS BESIDES HELMET? Everybody knows how important to wear a helmet, as it can greatly help to reduce the risk of hea...Leer más
What's Different Between Vacuum Forming And Injection?
Suelte el2019-10-26What's Different Between Vacuum Forming And Injection? There are many ways to produce the Helmet shell, two of the most popular processes for manufact...Leer más
The 4 Do's and Don'ts of Helmet Care
Suelte el2019-10-22The 4 Do's and Don'ts of Helmet Care Treating your helmet right is important for its longevity and safety. Here are 4 tips for helmet care that will k...Leer más
Suelte el2019-10-17SKI HELMET STANDARD ASTM F2040 VS EN 1077 As we all know, a helmet with certification is a helmet worth to buy. There are mainly two standards regardi...Leer más
Style Over Speed-AURORA BH20
Suelte el2019-09-26Aurora Sports always keeps in mind understands how much itth is important toe importance of Aerodynamics for a cycling helmet, and always applys its p...Leer más