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What can we learn from the Covid-19 pandemic as an importer? What are you waiting for?

>The cost of freight is growing continuously since the beginning of this year. Have you ever wondered why and what to do?>

How do you know, the Covid-19 pandemic is insanely serious, >especially in some areas. M. OLE than 300K people dead from this pandemic. And between 1.6 million people> Seaman, many people test positive from Covid-19.> New outbreak hit the global shipping hard, with many ports restricting some crew shifts and even refuse to allow ships to their ports. The report shows that some ports, including Singapore and Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, prohibited ships from the replacement of crew members who They recently left the high infected rates of the country. Wilhelmsen ship management, ship management company, also said Zhoushan any boats or crew, which in the last three months visited Bangladash in the last three months from entering the port.>

In the last few days, the three largest container shipping lines in the world announced an increase in cargo high demand, strong traffic jam and employee, lack of equipment.>


Some people say they will wait until freight transport costs falling down one day if the handle without care. >

Even as high as cost is still a lack of freight >globe.>

Therefore on the conclusion, load costs >This year can remain in high position. Is a better plan in advance and ship as a schedule.>

It's a difficult time, but opportunities and risks often coexisting. Those who can persist in the future will definitely get rich.>

>Aurora are Willing to work with you to tide over difficulty.>

Finally,>we Would you like to end as Shelly poem: >

If the winter comes, Spring can be far behind?>