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Considerations for wearing a ski helmet

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet factory
  • Release on:2017-01-05
Ski Helmets are marking the dimensions, such as L is 58CM, XL is 60CM, and so on. You can take a tape measure at the top from the occipital bone to the brow bone.

After choosing a ski helmet that fits your size, some appropriate adjustments to be made in order to reach its full effectiveness.
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Considerations for wearing a ski helmet:

1, adjust the Chin and that buttoned tight to prevent helmet when struck sharply off, lose their protection role. Don't comfort choice plus size helmet must fit head, lest too baggy to fall off and lose their protective function;

2, if the helmet is equipped with a regulator, the regulator must be adjusted to the tension the location before taxiing;

3, the attention of helmet is stored in ventilated, cool, dry place, the appearance of wiping only mild soapy water or warm water;

4, suffered a crash helmet, whether or not look damaged, has lost the greatest protective effect -- it is highly recommended to replace;

5, prohibiting the use of Ski Helmets for other purposes, prohibition of any changes to the helmet, in case affect or reduce a helmet's protective function;

6, after three years of normal use of the helmet -- the recommendations on replacing.
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