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What are the types of Ski Helmets?

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet factory
  • Release on:2017-01-03
Ski Helmets from the production process on the main classification: ABS ski helmet and in-mold PC ski helmet.

in-mold PC ski helmet:shell is made of PC.
Main production process are as follows:
Using screen printing technology in PC printing patterns on a sheet; Plastic molding, PC flat plate make helmet shape; Cutting and digging; Shell into helmet-shaped foam machine foam, shell and body merge together.
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ABS ski helmet: shell is made of ABS.
Main production process are as follows:
Plastic snow helmet Cap shell, polished; If you use patterns, water pattern, attached to the surface of the helmet, paint; EPS particles separate foam; EPS and ABS shell with a hot melt adhesive to stick together.
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Compared to the PC In-mold Ski Helmets and ABS ski helmet:
1) PC In-mold Ski Helmets Lighter:General PC Ski Helmets weighing 350-450 grams, ABS Ski Helmets weigh 500-650 grams;
2) CLASS a had to do with ABS helmet;
3) CLASS B helmet, PC ski helmet prices higher than the ABS unit price of Ski Helmets.

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