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Ski Helmet structure is what

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet factory
  • Release on:2016-12-30
General structure of ski helmets included:Shell, Liner, Padding, Adjuster, Retention System, Buckle, goggle clip, Chin Guard.

Helmet shell: currently on the market there are two material shell: PC (polycarbonate) and ABS (plastic).
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Helmet major structure: a key part of the helmet, is mainly to absorb impact energy. Made of EPS (foam polyethylene), we usually use when packing the kind of white foam. There are two main types of EPS, one is white, produced in China, the other is black, 90% by the United States POLYSOURCE company. Black and white material price is the price 3 times or more. Some brands will use white material-black spray paint into a "black". High-end ski helmets with black material.

Lining: its role is to increase the comfort level. His main material is a sponge for various fabrics, such as cloth, shorn wool. There are some brands with the hot inner lining, benefits of hot pressing is looks more refined. Trend is now detachable lining, removable washable .

Regulator: regulate the size size, usually on CLASS b helmets, helmets had no regulator for CLASS a. If a helmet equipped with regulator, its range at least in 4cm.

Retention System: another role is fixed to the helmet on his head, during exercise is not easy to fall off. General Ribbon (ROCKHARD all nylon webbing, width 1.5cm) composed and fan-shaped buckle.
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Buckle: buckle for commonly used red and black buckle for ITW's environmental protection European-standard

Glasses buttons: fixed ski goggles.
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Metal jaw: in some games, such as DH,SG, players wear a helmet is basically CLASS a helmet, you need to install a metal helmet, iron. Is to protect his chin. At present only some of the brands that Chin, is basically wire, dipped deal with.

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