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How to pick a good ski helmet

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet factory
  • Release on:2016-12-30
Ski season has arrived, and ever ready to go skiing? How to ski and play new height out of it, of course, is to have the most lavish equipment!

So, what is a good helmet? According to the NSAA (United States Ski Association) research shows that wearing a helmet can be effective when hit reduces the severity of 30% to 50%. For example, if you do not wear a helmet when an accident occurs in the brain to create a grade 3 concussion, then worn under the helmet may be reduced to a level 1 or level 2.

The following three-point may be used when purchasing a helmet given to: fit, function and fashion.

The fit is very important, because it must ensure that suitable. Because not everyone's head is the same, different manufacturer, model and size there is a big difference. When selecting a helmet, you need to try to ensure that the comfort of the head, and no gap between the helmet and the head. Of course helmets are necessary to ensure that the tight, otherwise you get a headache all day. After the neck strap buckle and helmet should full synchronization and head turning. Because this is a life-saving device, you need to communicate with sales, access to accurate size, especially needs helmets goggles combined with time.

Functionality, the second important factor is selected with a particular sporting activity matched the correct type of helmet, depending on location and activities needed to look for more warmth or more helmet vents. A large number of models, different features of Ski Helmets to choose from, need to consider now is how to carry out a proper fit.

Fashion, this is an inevitable reality. If anything visually bad, a lot of users don't try to wear. In terms of color, you can have the opportunity to showcase their own style. If it's bright colors, can be found easily from a distance, but also look good in photos.

Select a safe and comfortable ski helmet, can you have a safe and fun winter! Aurora ski helmet factory in China, 24 years helmet research and production experience, has a ski helmet OEM/ODM strength, please consult purchase!