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Bicycle helmet integrated headset camera intercom functions

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet factory
  • Release on:2016-12-29
When I go out riding a bike, just keep kicking foot is too boring, so riders will always put on headphones to listen to music, take a sports camera to shoot a video, or cycling together and chatting with friends. But to prepare for a lot of things. A smart bike helmets, a one-time solved  "prepare the equipment" troubles.
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This helmet has a set of stereo speakers built-in, so there is no need to plug headphones to listen to music in the ears, but cyclists can still hear the sounds of the surrounding environment. Cameras mounted on the helmet at the forehead, with 125 vision and f/2.0 the aperture , can shoot 1080 p/60 fps video and 1440p/30 fps video, the video will be stored on the microSD card.

Helmets also support Bluetooth 4.1 can connect with smart phones and GPS components, used for navigation, audio and healthy track. If you are tired of listening to songs in the playlist, the built-in radio tuner can be used to listen to the radio.
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The smart Bike Helmets have built-in full duplex two-way audio intercom module, without network can allow 4 riders chatting with each other and share music. Walkie talkie can operate independently and do not need to connect through a Smartphone. In open terrain, the coverage of up to 900 m.

Helmet equipped with the Bluetooth buttons on both sides and the camera feature control key, if users who do not want to take off the hand can be put in the hands of the remote control. The helmet now sales are not yet finalized, but won't make the user wait too long.
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