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Inflatable ride helmet protective effect on potential 8 times

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet factory
  • Release on:2016-12-29
A company has developed a protective performance 8 times as long as ordinary helmet "inflatable riding helmet", but before listing, they also have to pass crash tests regulators. In the cases of traumatic brain injury in sports, cycling accidents account for a large proportion. Although bicycle helmets have good effects, but they are still not perfect and needs to be improved. Now the inflatable helmet has been approved in Europe, but in the United States this test has encountered an obstacle--as a dummy for testing without neck.
intelligent helmet R&D
Traditional helmet is facing a dilemma situation: Although more heavy helmet, its protective effect is better, but is unwilling to use. Lightweight helmet, its safety performance is relatively weak.

There is an inflatable helmet solution: when there is no swell, it's like a coat collar. Only when the sensor detects a collision, it will swell near the neck.

Design a set of algorithms able to distinguish normal bike ride (such as stop and start, touch key action) and the difference between a catastrophic traffic accident. When the algorithm is triggered when stored in a helmet "collar" gas cans can release helium-based gas mixtures.
intelligent helmet design
Will set up inflatable helmet off from 6 feet (or about 1.83 meters) high, then fell to an aluminium plate. Results show that whenever the helmet is fully expanded, and head injury can be reduced to rigid helmet 1/7 or even 1/8. But if the inflatable is not complete, the effect will be greatly reduced, so this product is not perfect.

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