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Intelligent helmet advent: let you become an astronaut

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet factory
  • Release on:2016-12-28
Currently, for most families, buying a car is not a difficult thing. But that does not mean there are no other concerns, traffic congestion has become a very serious problem in many cities. Thus, many Office workers may still prefer to ride a tram to go out – this is very popular in many places.

Although most people have the habit of not wearing a helmet riding a tram, but for security reasons, in fact, this is a necessary thing. After all, electric cars are not cars, essentially without any protection device. If a sense of intelligent helmet to make you wear astronaut, will make you wear a helmet's desire to become more dense?
intelligent helmet Design
From the appearance of the helmet design, it is unique, that is designed to be easier to allow the wearer to wear it, or remove it. Also can be used to stop cold air from entering, noise can also be blocked.

It's also a smart helmets, because its developers said: it will be equipped with a Bluetooth phone, meaning that you can connect through it and mobile phone, just like a Bluetooth headset and phone. In this way, it is very convenient in many cases. Not only that, it will be added to a variety of sensors, so that the wearer can ride when you can get a lot of data from a device to help, thereby driving more secure and timely access to lots of useful information.

Of course, wearing a helmet is in itself a very important thing, after all, this is a matter of personal safety issues, and if it's an astronaut helmet on, it obviously is more cool.
intelligent helmet factory
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