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A world deep underground-Cave exploration helmet supplier

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  • Release on:2016-07-01
Join us on the ultimate adventure of the Tu Lan Cave System with 4-days trekking, swimming and camping deep in the remote jungle and caves of Central Vietnam. You will be challenged with 27kms of difficult terrain, underground rivers and deep dark caves, home to stunning formations and plenty of creepy crawlies. We will visit hidden valleys and secret caves only accessible on this special 4-day adventure.
Cave exploration helmet
You will go deeper then any other tour we offer and at some points a raft is required to negotiate the underground rivers, where you will come across the most beautiful formations and underground waterfalls. Kim Cave, found by one of our guests, and Ken Cave are also on the itinerary, showcasing more amazing cave formations. If you can fit, you’ll also squeeze down a small hole to our secret cave, which we only visit on our 4-Day ultimate adventure!

Safety is absolutely paramount on all trips operated by iGrandtour and you will be provided with helmets, life jackets, headlights and trekking boots (sizes 38 – 46). All camping gear will also be provided and carried by your local porters. The minimum age we accept is 16 years. This is designed to be an adventure tour and you must have a decent level of fitness to feel comfortable trekking each day.
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Climbing through what was once solid limestone the path ahead is littered with rock formations, gargantuan boulders and calcium deposits.

Water drips from the ceiling, trickling down giant white stalactites and dropping into puddles that have etched away at the rock floor. In its natural state the cave has not been customised for the tour, other than a rope delineating the path we must follow it remains unaffected by the outside world.

Moving further into the cave the light that was illuminating the entrance behind us slowly retreats, until without warning the darkness swallows us whole. The beam of light from the torch on my hard hat illuminates the limestone and calcium structures that dominate our path and we continue on deeper underground.
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Cavernous spaces appear at the end of narrow paths, water trickles down increasingly intricate organic calcium forms and the walls undulate in and out like the banks of a flowing river.

This expedition is quite impressive and adventurous. It challenges your courage to climb over high mountain, walk through tropical rain forest, especially overcome many challenges inside mysterious Dark Cave.
Cave exploration helmet