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Bicycles are generally classified into categories

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-10-27
Bike categories:

1. mountain bike:
Features: to conquer all terrain design, the frame is sturdy; rims is generally 26 inches tires thicker;

2. road bike :
Features: designed for speed, rims for a 700C; tires thin configuration Horn handlebars.

3. BMX venue:
Features: designed for performance skills, coarse steady and strong frame, wide tires and toothless, handlebars can rotate 360 degrees, small wheel diameter, strong operation.

4. climbing bike:
Features: designed for performance skills, lightweight high-strength body, a smaller gear ratio, suitable for climbing, jumping. 

5. DS market:
Characteristics: a a late model, is a combination of mountain biking +BMX+ crawler, more strength, more flexible control to provide more space for development. 

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