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China's "big Moon" missed another 18 years

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-11-14
Around 19 o'clock in the evening, the same lunar new year 15, will again be the perigee of the Moon, the Earth will experience a "Moon". Because of this full moon is too big and round, it was simply tubes called it "super super moon." It is learnt that tonight's "full moon" is not only the Moon nearest Earth's full moon so far this century, United States National Geographic magazine calculated more precisely, this is the closest to the Earth on the Moon since 1948.
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Because the Moon is so close to us, the Moon looks tonight than we've seen ordinary full moon, large 14%, 30% higher brightness.

"Full moon" is described in elliptical orbit around the Earth to the Moon, when the perigee, and proper nouns in the Sun-Earth line. New Moon or full moon, than usual for the distance between Moon and Earth, so in the eyes of the people, had appeared in the sky, "full moon". 

In fact, the "Moon" is the more common astronomical phenomena, appears three times this year, in addition to this tonight, and a month ago on October 17, and twice a month later on December 13. But whether it's one month before or one month after the "Moon", and appears in recent decades "supermoon" not tonight "supermoon" match.
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Tonight at about 19:21, the moon will pass the perigee, 21:52 around the full moon. Experts point out that this occurrence of the word "Moon", about 356,500 km away, much less than the average, than average nearly 363,000 km away near a lot. Just look at this figure is far, but this is the Moon closest to the Earth in almost 70 years of a close "contact". According to estimates, the next time you would like to see this "Super Moon", about another 18 years, in 2034 on November 25, is possible.

As the Moon is so close to Earth, "Moon" has this legend. Say every time easily triggers changes in the oceans, the Earth's crust and tides, including increased risk of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. However through scientific observation, "supermoon" will change the Earth's tidal range, but not too much. Potentially triggering a drop larger tides, but not causing serious natural disasters. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and no scientific data to support this Association, unconvincing.

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