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Construction of the indoor rock climbing wall

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  • Release on:2016-08-19
A home gym can improve your strength, endurance and technique, or at least to keep in shape. You can adjust the rocks on the wall under its own weaknesses, the construction of suitable routes, prompting the passion of your progress and keep training. The other hand, family bouldering site, can help you make better use of your time. You drive to the wild rock commercial rock wall or the time it takes, those used to the mountains of time and money, now all you can on your own climbing wall, you can even during the break to cut a Board CS. 

In that case, what are you waiting, do it now! 
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First step: select the support, build a steel frame. 

Support is the physical state of the wall structure. Usually you can use an existing plane, wall, roof as a support base for the construction of your walls. Common structures include vertical, horizontal and some space can be added to cover the brace. According to the designed shape and angle welded steel frame attached to the wall. 

Step two: choose the cover, install rock Board. 

Covering material is the climber the last climb. Most as a rock wall covering materials are 1.2cm thick or thicker plywood, which suited for climbing walls, decorative plywood is sufficient. Medium density fiberboard can also be applied in exceptional circumstances. Of course, some companies now produce finished climbing panels can also be used, but by the process of rock plates mosaic style tedious, expensive taste and lack of originality. Slabs connected by screw steel frame. After the rock drill ready to install rock point. 

The third step: slabs, installed rock point. 

Rock surface without any treatment in the form of wood to wood-plywood coated with polymer coating can be. You can adjust the position of the rock can be purchased from the outdoor store, can also be made with wood, stone or resin. Each point of rocks with 10MM screw through a t-nut fixed on the cover. Number of t-nut should be more than rock, and provide more choices for the route settings. 
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Rock point directly is not recommended installation practices in support, because the existing residential wall was rather dull, lack of fun and practical training. Also, too much can lead to drilling the housing damage. Moreover, owing to difficulties in replacing rock point, influence more fun and practical training. 

Fourth step: spruce up your climbing wall, installing bouldering mat. 

Bouldering wall for you installed some log or cartoon characters, bearing in mind the colors. You can even use spell favorite pattern on the rock wall. Bouldering mat is not a small expense, you can choose a sponge or foam, and then poor old mattresses can be used instead.

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