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EPS bicycle helmet the service life

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-11-07
Bicycle Helmets work by absorbing the impact of the collision. In short, the foam inside the helmet lining cushioned the impact of collisions on your skull.

Traditionally, many bicycle helmet is made of EPS (polystyrene foam) foam. Once the EPS foam crushing distortion in an accident, then it could be recovered and no longer have the capacity to absorb the impact force。
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EPP (foamed polypropylene) foam can be restored after the hit, but far less ability to absorb shock than EPS foam.

helmet factory in China - Aurora, is also a widely used in bicycle helmet foams, it is actually a more powerful type of EPS foam, less prone to cracking.
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Regardless of whether you fall or bump your helmet, you need to know about every two years, depending on your distance on his bike, the replacement of a bicycle helmet. With the same impact and indentation is, sunlight and sweat can make aging band, thereby damaging the helmet. And excessive use of fit also will weaken the surround system.
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