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Exploring caves helmet supplier: the speleologist's new frontier

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  • Release on:2016-06-29
Explore the hidden world in and under the great lava fields located in the Blue mountains just outside of Reykjavik. Walking down into the lava cave and discovering the wonders created by past volcanic activity is a trip that everyone can undertake and enjoy. The cave is a perfect example of an Icelandic lava tube and a unique experience where you will explore this dark and quirky world beneath ours. On your underworld adventure you will see the magical rock formations left behind in the last volcanic eruption. In winter the caves are likely to be filled with glistening icicles of all shapes and sizes, a sight not soon forgotten. We will crawl and walk on our journey beneath the surface so be sure to bring good shoes and gloves. There is absolutely no better way to see first hand how Iceland was created!
caves helmet supplier
We discovered and explored a number of other caves in the area, including "Khou", a nice little swallow hole that is 423m deep. After many days of hard work we finally reached the powerful resurgence at the bottom of the gorge that turned out to be impossible to get through, so for now their secrets will continue to elude us. In the end, our team discovered almost 11 km of new galleries in the Matali cave area, adding to our knowledge of this fantastic range.

Whether caving in France or on an expedition in a far away land, the desire to explore remains the reason why cavers cave. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to discover virgin terrain, to be the first to explore an area, to draw the map, to name a cave and its features. Each generation of cavers has continued to reveal this hidden world. The subterranean environment is a fantastic place for discovery, for adventure, and for learning; we are certainly lucky to be able to enjoy exploring it!
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Why would anyone want to swim across such a pond or leap into a dark chasm whose bottom cannot be seen, in order to crawl in utter blackness through the very entrails of the earth? And why would hundreds of seemingly sane people travel all the way to Mexico from every corner of the planet just to disappear underground, far from the sunshine and beaches so sought after by other tourists?

The answer lies deep within the human psyche. We are by nature explorers and we spend our lives exploring universes, beginning with the universe of our own bodies. Some people eventually stop exploring (and some would say, stop living) while others never cease searching for the unknown. As far as the surface of our planet goes, we've reached the point where it's difficult to say, "I am the very first human being to stand in this spot," but beneath our feet stretch vast labyrinths where we're sure no one has ever gone before. This may not be the case in some European countries where speleology (the study of caves) has been popular for over a century, but in Mexico, underground exploration is fairly new: the number of known caves is too great to be counted and the potential for finding new ones is enormous. Every speleologist in Mexico has a very good chance of peering into a virgin cave passage with no idea what may be around the corner. Nothing is quite as exhilarating being the first person in history to step into an unknown realm.
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Good hiking boots and gloves are recommended. We will provide for you with a headlight and a helmet.