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Finland caving adventures-the best caving helmet

Finland caving adventures-the best caving helmet

helmet supplier 2016-07-12 14:37:16
A hike through the lush jungle will take you to the entrance of the cave. Descending into the cave with ropes will lead you to the exploration of a spectacular cave system, taking you through huge caverns that are adorned with speleothems and crystalline formation.
finland caving adventures
In Salo Finland, despite the fact that we don’t have mountains or not very high rocks, we have some pretty neat caves.

This adventure is about a cave set, it contains many diferent sizes of caves and also a few ancient stone graves from the end of the Stone Age.

Sometimes we take our kids with us on our adventures, but only to places that or not restricted and safe!
best caving helmet
Inclusions: Bottled water and light snack. Waterproof rain jackets, rain pants, rubber boots, helmet, life jacket.

Blue Creek Cave is located a short hike away from the picturesque village of Blue Creek. The hike starts by following a path along the river’s edge, and progresses to scrambling across a rocky mountain gorge as you make your way further upstream. As you approach the cave’s majestic entrance you will enter into a pool of emerald blue water, and as you swim into the cave the darkness will eventually envelope you, prompting you to switch on your headlamp!
caving helmet supplier
This trip, enjoyed by all, was a wonderful insight into yet more of the natural beauty and culture of Finland and lives on as another memorable trip !

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