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Helmets once how long is reasonable?

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet factory
  • Release on:2017-01-09
Purpose of the helmet is broken, this is the role of the helmet.

Helmet material is being used by a sudden impact would break, when it was something head-butting, helmets will be crushed or broken. This is the role of the helmet to protect the head.

Helmet design is at least withstand a crash! At any time after the impact, the time to replace the old helmet, in order to ensure its optimal performance.

Note: whether or not they fall or collision, riding bicycling helmets should be replaced once every three years. Because, although the helmet without collision, but sun exposure and erosion of sweat will make helmets and accessories from aging, thereby weakening factor, damaged helmet protection performance.
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No matter how much money a helmet, be sure to fasten straps. People flew out at the same time, too much separation of head and helmet, your helmet is also less than it's worth head. As for how much money to buy a helmet, small series that's is according to their own economic conditions. Of course, riding a slowly is the best safety and common sense.

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