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How long does the helmet change?

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:manufacturer
  • Release on:2017-07-17
Another development trend for bike helmets is tending to a more comprehensive, smooth, commute design. In a bicycle accident, these designs usually maximize the impact of the impact. Although they are the best choice for leisure and commuter cycling, professional cyclists and racers are still inclined to choose narrow-type helmets that meet the principles of aerodynamics.
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Whether you have fallen or knocked on your helmet, you will need to change your bike helmet every five years depending on your distance. And the collision and pressure concave is the same, sun exposure and sweat can also make the belt aging, thus damaging the helmet. And excessive use will also weaken the surround fit system. If you are not a professional bike driver or no strong financial resources, consider those slightly cheaper bike helmets, no need to buy high-end products.
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