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How to identify the expression of horse

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  • Release on:2017-11-03
Horses, like humans, are an emotional animal. The horses also have joy, anger, sadness, joy, tension, fear, comfort, trust, doubt, curiosity, mischief... All sorts of feelings and emotions, these feelings and emotions are fully reflected in his expression, body language and voice. Looking closely at the horse's eyes, ears and neck, it is not hard to tell that he is saying, "be careful!" "Or" hey! Hello!" .
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Body expression

The happy horse was in the wild, carrying his head up with a brisk little run. When he comes close to the person he knows and trusts, he won't run away and will come running happily.

When the horse was alone in the stable, his ass was at the door, and he did not want to move. I want to doze off!" . When you are hungry or impatient, the front foot will be repeatedly scrabbled. Take your nose at you or lean on you, and say, "don't ignore me!" .
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The expression of face

When the horse is angry or when it feels unpleasant, it will fall back, show its teeth, or even bite people or other horses. He is saying, "I am the boss, I can love anything!" . A horse that is afraid and excited will look white, but it is easy to tell the difference. The frightened horse will tilt his head or run away, the excited horse will run to you. When he gets sick or bullied, he feels frustrated and he's going to put his ear down and his eyes will be glazed. When dozing, the ears will also be slightly backward, with drooping eyelids and loose lips.
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Voice expression

Horses are usually very quiet and not very likely to bark. When a horse makes a sound, it must be accompanied by some emotion. A horse that is aghast or injured; When a horse flirts with a mare; When pain comes, it screams; A jet is upset or excited; Low singing is a kind voice; Gollum, sigh, and blowing sound are all sounds of communication with people or another horse.

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