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New intelligent helmet factory, intelligent helmet manufacturer in China

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-09-28
intelligent helmet manufacturer in China
Intelligent helmet is a new term by technical staff combines high-tech product common a helmet upgrade as we need intelligence, intelligent helmet with a video command system present in the fire fire, emergency and rescue industry has been widely used.

As China's first intelligent helmet manufacturer, intelligent helmet origin is derived from the GPS positioning system started out, then go to clients with the project, the customer presents a challenge: your system can locate a staff position, on the map only displays a small red dot. But I want my firemen's position is safe, whether you need assistance, I need him for voice communication in a timely manner, in addition to traditional radio requires our hand's position, rescue work is sometimes require hands free to do other things, because the conditions are likely to occur?
intelligent helmet factory
Our senior technical staff, after an understanding of the customer requirements, found an urgent need to have a device to the equipment used in the rescue. Research for almost two months, finally conceived our first intelligent helmet and successfully applied for national patents.

Intelligent helmet product features:
Voice capture function;
Video image acquisition capabilities;
Data transmission capability;
GPS positioning function (location accurately monitoring the fire soldier)
Zoom function (10 times magnification images distant objects to near)
HD 720P video storage capability; (clear images);
Monocular display function (local personnel can view the image in front, to better understand their position and situation)
Bluetooth transmission feature;
Thermal imaging;
Night vision function and other functions;
4G transfer function.
New intelligent helmet
Intelligent helmet are widely used in:
security, fire, electricity, coal, chemical industry, customs, transportation, financial services, logistics, municipal, oilfield, mining, emergency

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