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Safety helmet can save your life

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet factory
  • Release on:2016-12-13
Recently, a construction site for a project, I came to the site are familiar with the situation, because it is the first time I went to the site, feeling both excited and nervous. I put on my helmet, wearing work clothes, pedal steel-toed shoes, finishing after the self portrait a photograph, feeling very handsome!
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To enter the construction site, construction site environment is more complex, so I walk is also very carefully. Walking on the stairs to the third floor with the order when turning, the "pop" sound of a snapping, I just felt that the head shakes and was immediately stunned, endure the pain in his head I looked carefully, only to find a piece of "beam" cross over your head. A panic fear, subconscious thought, if not wearing a safety helmet, the consequences are disastrous.

Since then, every time I enter the construction area, will have a voice in me remind me to wear PPE, safety, avoid the risk of construction site safety in a timely manner. Not only me, but also to remind others, reminding others of lifting operations, possible debris, welding cutting Sparks, after heavy objects could fall on the foot, project members say "thank you", I have been fully satisfied, because I did it, "safe in mind".
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Wipe the sweat is covered by safety helmet on his head, I remind myself to put on their safety helmets will be safe! Falling objects fall, heard the sound of helmet can produce crisp, I feel this is the voice sounded the security alarm for me.

Safety helmet while not as powerful as steel helmets. Not as cool as baseball caps. But now I'm in love with this little "safety helmet" per day, and it is inseparable. It's not just to protect me, ensure security, and also represents the responsibility of everyone to work on the family. Do not forget their loved ones safely to us expectations, hope we have it under the protection of safety, early completion of the construction work.
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