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Several widely used logo types for helmet branding

If you are one of SMEs that has just started the helmet business, it seems a good choice to find great helmets and make the branding. Among them, putting your logo on the helmet is an important step. As a factory that provides OEM/ODM for decades, I will introduce several commonly used logos for your reference. Hope it could contribute to your business.

1.UV sticker logo
This is the most commonly used logo sticker. Print glue and color on the release paper, and then cover the film. The ink is UV curable ink, which has the obvious thickness. It’s very easy to apply, just peel off the logo and transparent film and then transfer the logo to the helmets.

2.Water decal
It’s a kind of water transfer technology. Water transfer uses water pressure and activator to dissolve and transfer the release layer on the water transfer carrier film. This is a high-end logo solution and more durable than UV sticker after you apply to the helmet surface. Of course, the cost is also higher.

3.PVC sticker
Logo is printed on the PVC plastic film. Which is waterproof. PVC sticker is easy to make and cheaper than other choices.

There are also other kinds of logo types like epoxy sticker, reflective sticker, metal sticker, etc. If you have doubt about which one is the best solution for your specific helmets, feel free to contact our professional sales who are always ready to help.