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What is Thanksgiving customs

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-11-24
Thanksgiving Day is the United States traditional festivals, mainly popular in North America. Thanksgiving to thank some people and things in life. On Thanksgiving day. United States country crowded, there are many theatrical performances, costume parade, sports events and so on. In addition to United States has its own Thanksgiving, Canada, and Brazil, and Egypt, and Greece and other places also have their own Thanksgiving customs are different in different countries celebrate Thanksgiving.
What is Thanksgiving customs
Every Thanksgiving Day, United States every household to eat Turkey, they also ate some of the traditional dishes, such as summer squash, creamed onions, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and more. Family members no matter what will drive home for the holidays.

Ancient Egypt Thanksgiving called harvest festival, is held in memory of their crops to the gods, so the Festival held each year in the spring. The day they often pretend to cry and was overcome with grief, they are afraid of harvesting corn maize cross that is still growing.
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