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What is the helmet?

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet factory
  • Release on:2016-12-27
Protectors of the helmet to protect the head. Soldiers wear hats, combat training, are an indispensable tool in people. It is a semicircle, mainly by the shell, lining and the suspension of three parts. Shell using special steel, FRP, reinforced plastic, leather, nylon and other materials to ward off bullets, shrapnel and other blows to the head injury.
Adult Bicycle Helmet
Mainly modern helmet by the helmet shell, liner and suspension system, and so on. Due to a variety of activities require different helmet structure and style a lot. Helmets for military, construction, mining and sports such as American football, biking, diving helmets, baseball, skiing, ice hockey, horse racing, equestrian, sport, racing, motorcycle and so on.
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Some special-purpose helmet, equipped with a headset, microphone, install additional devices such as cameras and lighting torches.

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