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AURORA TEAM -- Outdoor activity

Hi everybody,

Wish everything goes well with your business and your family.

Ha..we had a very very nice and impressive weekend, before we heard that we will need to challenge the highest mountain in ShenZhen,wow, we were very exciting and full of energy to expect that weekend, we bought a lot of snacks and water and put them into our backpack,we setted off early in the morning, and say "hi, good morning, how beautiful day.... a day full of challenges...", It's regret that two of our colleagues are not available. :(

Here below is the first picture before we start to climb the mountain.

Actually before we decided to climb this mountain, some of colleagues in the mind is rejected, include me, because we heard to other friends, they said, "the highest mountain in ShenZhen is too difficult to climb,the end of the day, the whole body would be waist sour and backache, could not move, very painful,many people fall by the wayside, also there was a girl who climbed the mountain alone, falls off and dead", however, we are still expecting that because our team are ready for this challenge, we can do it, we will do it, we will succeed. 

When we climbed one-tenth, we are all tired and sweating,but we were very very happy,Sport can bring energy, healthy and beautiful, moreover, we are a team, we shared food to each other, we helped and encouraged to each other, we meet challenges together and overcome all the difficulties in life.

one of our colleague wants to give up because he was very exhausted,but finally he decided to move forward after our encourage,so l realized that a TEAM i very important in our life, a TEAM can do everything they want, this is the power of cooperation.

AURORA TEAM, a forever strong team!  If you work with us on bicycle helmet, climbing helmet, safety helmet, skateboard helmet, horse riding helmet business, we have 100% confidence to help you to win more market share bring you all our energy!