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china bike helmet factory - helmet buying tips

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-09-22
Bike Helmets provide protection because of its vulnerable head, is essential equipment for riding a bike. What about Bike Helmets on what basis to choose? Next, the Aurora helmet factory is to share with you a helmet buying tips.
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1, the texture of the helmet: helmet use EPS material cast (normal or high density--the difference between the two lies in the collision), and has a smooth shell surface;

2, the weight of the helmet: pressure in head cannot be too heavy, that's why bicycle helmets not used alloy material;

3, helmet liner: is part of the inside of the helmet and the head contact, it can usually enhance the wearing comfort, the head impact buffering effect. Well-made helmets lined with large coverage, better texture, and helmet inner bonding is more substantial;

4, wear your helmet with comfort: mainly because of the weight, lined, lace and head circumference is suitable the personal feel, comfortable helmet can significantly reduce cyclists head and neck pressure and maximize protection when subjected to impact;
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5, permeability of the helmet: head in tight for too long will cause adverse effects, will make cyclists feel under the weather. So good a helmet or a number more, or area of the hole is larger--which are designed to enhance permeability;

6, helmet wind resistance effects: helmet human hair away inside the helmet itself has reduced the wind resistance of the head, and for a friend who is keen to promote speed, helmet shape effects on wind resistance is also noteworthy.
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