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helmet protection for Balance scooter and mini segway

  • Author:monica
  • Source:helmet protection
  • Release on:2016-01-04

Hello, all my friends,this is monica from aurorasports, hope everyone enjoy your Christmas and new year holiday !

today let us talk about the most popular product in 2015, balance scooters and mini segway.

 China helmet supplier

helmet protection

From the above data in Goggle trends, we could read that, there is a strong roaring for balance scooter and mini segway, especially in Britain, America and Canada, Australia. Also in some big city in China, like Beijing,Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai, we see many office workers riding balance and mini scooter on roads. You can imagine how it is booming in such a short time.

We could see that, we even did not know what it is in 2014, but in 2015, it is everywhere.

Anyway, let us check and sure what i am talking is the same as you thought, look at the below picture,

casual city bike helmet

  China helmet supplier

Now in Britain, America, Canada, Australia. Even the Middle East, they are many people involved in it.

However, in Hongkong, government has prohibited child riding in a supermarket, or busy street, because it is with quick speed and if falling down, it would not only heart yourself, but heart the others passby.

So some scooters company have found us and said they want to buy a helmet which is suitable for scooters,in urgent of course, because they are selling scooters so quickly.

Even some boss are scooter lover, they come to find us with a scooter riding. Crazy !

I believe you must be excited when you heard this, quick to catch this opportunity, and develop your scooterbusiness.

If you did not develop a suitable helmet for balance scooter and mini segway, here i would like to highly recommend you our urban casual helmet, in mould helmet with inould visor especially design for casual use, it is not professional cycling, it is specially for sports lover. And its design, safety and technology are all matched with mini segway. I believe people would love it very much.

I believe scooters and mini segway’s blooming in 2015 is a great encouragement for all businessman, even the global economic environment is not good, but economic activities never stop. When there is a will , there is a way.

Just like one of Buddhist, our sales manager, lisa’s friend said, it is not because there is hope, then we do, it is because we do, so there is a hope.

Come on, aurora has offered you a business opportunity, also offer helmets if you did no have a helmet like that, the only thing you need to do is, just do it!  if you also agree with us, welcome to communicate with us at any time.