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top selling unisex helmet horse riding;equestrian helmet AU-H07top selling unisex helmet horse riding;equestrian helmet AU-H07top selling unisex helmet horse riding;equestrian helmet AU-H07top selling unisex helmet horse riding;equestrian helmet AU-H07top selling unisex helmet horse riding;equestrian helmet AU-H07top selling unisex helmet horse riding;equestrian helmet AU-H07

top selling unisex helmet horse riding;equestrian helmet AU-H07

  • Aurora-China Expert riding helmet, equestrian helmet supplier.
  • Model number: H07
  • Material: EPS + ABS
  • Certificate: CE VG1& CE EN 1384 & ASTM & PAS 015
  • Weight: 520 g
  • Size: XXS-S/S-m-S-m/M-L/XL
  • Style: Elegant

top selling unisex helmet horse riding;equestrian helmet ;

Description of the low-profile design European equestrian helmet :
-Elegant & sophisticated design; 
-High quality ABS shell with injection technology.
-High density EPS material is imported from America, excellent shock resistance; 
-Unique new generation adjustment; 
-Accessories-helmet: adjustable chin strap with quick-release buckle; Super comfortable pads;
Feature :  Offer excellent end user experience 
Specification of European horse riding helmets:
Model No. H07 
Material ABS Shell + With high density EPS, excellent shock absorption
Certificate  CE VG1 & CE EN 1384:2017; ASTM; PAS 015 
vents 17
Size/Head the perimeter of the XXS-S(51-55CM); S-M(55-57CM); M-L(57-59CM);L-XL(59-61CM)                      
Lining One-piece removable and can be washed in the washing machine; Easy Snap-On Snap-Off.
The color of the PANTONE 
Sample time 3-7 Working day
Packaging details Internal package: about cloth bag and about box  
External package: 9 PCs/carton   Carton Size: * 32 * 53.5 67.5 CM

Detail photos of the low-profile design European horse riding helmets:
top selling unisex helmet horse riding
top selling unisex helmet horse riding
top selling unisex helmet horse riding
equestrian helmet manufacturers
equestrian helmet manufacturers
A long oval shaped head form is designed for a rider's head with a dimension which is considerably fit for Europeans.
equestrian helmet manufacturers
Offer the most precise and comfortable fitting. This allows the back of the head to be cradled by the straps, which are then easily tightened to the correct tension by a central ratchet wheel. This fit system offer top performance for the user. 
horse riding helmet factory
Considerate rear space ensures your braid, rope or bun hairdos look good with a helmet, keep hair from slipping and getting in your face while you're riding and allow your hairstyle fit snugly under helmet. It still looks good when the helmet comes off.
horse riding helmet factory
1)Easy Snap-On Snap-Off. 
2)Sand wich mesh for efficiently moisture wicking.    
3)Breathable & washable & Replacement Inner Pad

Comfortable and breathable velvet foam padding integrated with air mesh layer, ensures a better moisture wicking and sweat releasing effect. Removable and washable design lead to maximum comfort and hygiene.
horse riding helmet factory

Packagaing information 
Items per carton: 9 PCs/carton 
Size of packaging: carton size: 67 * * 31.5 52.5 CM 
Gross weight: 4.80 kg 
Type of packing: 1pc/PP bag wth color box, 9 DC on Brown cardboard

Knowledge of the head circumference identification of the sleek helmets:

European headform:

Oval-shaped helmet is designed for riders head with a dimension which is very fit for Europeans. 

General of the headform:

Generic block helmet is designed for riders head with a dimension which is slightly longer than its front rear measurement on the side.

Asian headform:

And round in the shape of the helmet is designed for riders head with dimension, that is condierably suitable for Asians.

helmet horse riding

Our test lab:
Even if we consider all the necessary elements to increase the body structure in design, but still we use professional equipment to control all aspects of our product! Our advanced internal test laboratory was built according to EN1078, EN397, EN12492, EN1384, VG1 CPSC, test specifications, etc. Before our serial production or send it to a third-party organization test, check the quality by yourself and make sure you are qualified!
helmet horse riding

Below is our certificate: ISO9001, we have Royal patent, CE documents, and we have our own laboratory, that surely each our product can meet the requirements for testing
helmet horse riding

The production process is the helmet as below:

Silk screen  PC Tools blister  Production of PC blister  Trimming dug a hole  Raw materials for the different density of the EPS  EPS in mold tools  the helmet in the form of workshop  in forming machines  in mold tools  the production process in the mold  semi-finished cast helmet  IQC inspection  helmet, grinding  The internal padding of the production  plastic injection workshop  the Assembly line the Interior markings  packaging  Uk  installed counters.

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Why did you choose us? 
-because we have many advantages 
Quality: with a strict quality control and excellent products 
OEM and ODM: we can provide OEM and ODM service for customers 
R & D team: with a team of professional and strong technical development 
Price: we have our own production.tion of the line, reduce the price to a minimum 
Patent: we are constantly introducing products of patented technology 
Service: perfect after-sales service, so the satisfaction
riding helmet factory
We have over 24 years of experience processing project that we could just your ideas with true information, what you need, let us know what you want and we'll start our hands mold for reference, once we got the final confirmation of the design, we can make a 3D scanning and then processing the formation.
Kids riding helmet factory
Express delivery:

Internatioanl Express, air freight & sea transport are all well after agreement here! You can select all the possible transport you want and we will do our best to help! Already we have built long-term relationships with various shipping companies and shipping agent, all our efforts focus on providing the best shipping experience! Choose us, it will be easy to maintain a safe helmet all the time!

Kids riding helmet factory
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