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2016 Rio Olympics cycling race Opera masks on the helmet Suppliers

  • Author:Aurora
  • Source:helmetsupplier
  • Release on:2016-08-16
2016 Rio Olympics continue cycling race, with zhong Angel and Gong Jinjie of China have refreshed the Olympic and world record, by 32.107 seconds strong gold. And their amazing world, and wears facial makeup of Beijing Opera in their helmets.
Rio Olympics cycling race helmet
Underlying significance for face helmet: 

Olympic Games as the highest international sporting events, the athlete's recognition is very important, with Chinese-style "armor" on the momentum to overwhelm opponents. Red flags, clouds, Peony flower shines very Chinese characteristic elements of the game, the daring use of Facebook this element is a symbol of bravery, Seung RI.
Opera masks on the helmet
"Mu guiying"-Gong Jinjie. Symbol of superior strength, resourceful and brave, battle-hardened, win many victories. In combination with Guo Shuang in the London Olympics, eye-popping, though unfortunately only runner-up, but nothing stopped her in command of the faith, four years after her in a more calm mind and invincible strength, again playing Olympics, its achievements will be recorded in the history books. 
Olympics helmet suppliers
"Hua Mulan"-Zhong Angel. "Dan mother to my speech, along the Yellow River in the evening. Do not smell mother call girl, but the smell splash splashing water of the Yellow River-Ming. "Zhong Angel is only 25 years old, is the life most young and beautiful girls in the mood for love. But she chose the path of and most of the girls are different from 12 years ago, best youth, dedicated to bicycles, nation. 
Rio Olympics cycling race helmet
"Zhang"-Xu Chao. Upright, hate, bravery. In the news coming from the team at the same time, Xu Chao also into the last eight, achieving a breakthrough. Looking forward to his next performance! Decorative painting, Xu Chao, a helmet with small floral-shaped clouds, more rich Chinese and not dull. Zhong angels and Gong Jinjie purple petal flower, symbolizing China's Olympic tour was a brilliant like a flower. 

Opera masks on the helmet, bicycle race unique beauty, extraordinary strength also gave players.
Opera masks on the helmet
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