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Indoor rock climbing technique

  • Author:Aurora
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-08-10
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Indoor rock climbing:

Indoor rock climbing is a tall and big room sets from different angles, different difficulty of artificial rock wall (usually 6-8-meter-high), fitted with large and small rock point above, for human limbs with rock point position, hand foot climbing to complete climbing experience. Indoor rock climbing difficulty level can be controlled directly by the people.

Rock is also divided into artificial cliffs and natural rock. Artificial rock artificial rock and routes analog wall. Can be carried out indoor and outdoor rock climbing training, degree of difficulty and easy to control, the training time more flexible, but with limited height and realistic. Natural rock wall is nature natural cliffs in the crustal movement, gives the sense of reality and challenges of strong, can choose rock climbing and rock climbing routes and climbing sites and abundant natural rock route changes, such as bosses, recess, cracking, elevation, etc, let you experience "to place my peak" feel.
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Climbing Technique:

1. Toprope:Mainly used as a practice, carried out in groups of two. Protection groups had been set up, fixed rope through the rock climbing wall hook-and-loop, one end of the rope attached to the climber's waist belt waist hook-and-loop passing through the people on the other end and sticking to protect hands. So, the rope to protect climbers from above, sense, and don't have to worry about falling, suitable for beginners.

2. Lead:Requires climbers to find a suitable route continued to climb. Climber carrying rope and button group (Quick Draw), the climbing rope to bolt on climbing walls and other protective device, just in case. Once accidentally falls, could only rely on its own strength "coming back".

3. Bouldering:"Climb the rock" of Italy, now generally refers to allow flying all fall sports. Climbing shoes without any other equipment is the most original, the most natural rock climbing. Height is usually under four meters of rocks, lower landing pad. More than four metres of rock, a Toprope way, safety ropes hung from above is good.
Indoor rock climbing technique

Preparatory activities for indoor rock climbing belayer one-on-one help, security is almost guaranteed, but don't prepare activities in the process of climbing, is still very vulnerable. A significant leap, if enough warm-up before the climb, very easy to pull muscles and ligaments. Climbing wear loose-fitting clothes, without prejudice to the climb would be nice. However, shoes to climb, play an important role. Wear protective gear also pay attention to protective gear worn correctly. Tie not too tight or too loose, the distance between an index finger width between the legs is the best. It's too tight, it will affect the pose of climbing and is too loose it will come off easily. Before the climb, it is important to observe in front of the rock, wants to clear up the road. Downhill towards the rock pedal after climbing to the top, do not immediately relax-and yet. Rock – commonly known as the downhill--although there are under protection in the following help adjusting the ropes, but if you don't pay attention, there are potentially dangerous. Especially when your rope and the wall is too close, be sure to face the wall, body slightly back down to land. Also, the way you can also use the foot pedal rock mastered down direction and speed.