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The basics of rock climbing

  • Author:Aurora
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  • Release on:2016-08-09
Rock climbing skills excellent project, strong magic is not climbing, learning how to use labor-saving action to prevent arms swollen fatigue and maximum break in the climb, is the road to climb.
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Climbing should first determine the break point before, apart from the breaks in other places don't cut powder and rest. Two breaks in between to be adopted as soon as possible; on each hand were not grasping for more than 5 seconds, quickly through those perverted little point changes the way you grab as much as possible, the two grab relax your arms and fingers in the course of the action.

Climbing can be used to handle point balance, upward, or various forms of reaction. Because of the power of pushing up, mainly on foot, sometimes handles are used only for balance, pinch the handle allows the climber on the long standing good chalk, fell fell vacant one-hand, looking for more secure handle in up or placing rocks Qi fixed point.

When climbing up, shoulders and body must turn to maintain adequate pressure, force should be down instead of pulling the crack in the direction. No apparent handle points, just two feet or one foot with one hand press the other way, you can clamber up steep rock faces. Rock fractures varies in width, some narrow hold the whole hand, but wider than the hand, some narrower than the fist, need to turn the Palm to fix cracks. Applicable skills and difficulty depending on the climber to climb the Palm size.
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Rock climbing is not only a sport, it is an attitude towards life. Through the rock walls to move with the body contact, and continue to climb to the top of the joys and fears of falling circulation, thus completely liberates real-free.

The basics of rock climbing:

1. Grab, grabs the raised portion of the rock.

2. Grab, grab the edges of the rock with his hand, cracks and edges.

3. Pull, grasp the front above the solid premise of Fulcrum, affixed to the wall of the small arm, grab the stone cracks or other terrain, with arms and small arms make up or move around the body.

4. Push, use side, below the rock or object, with arm strength makes the body move.

5. Stretch, reaches into his slot, Qu Qu or fingers with the Palm open, to hold the crack in the rock as a fulcrum, and move the body.

6. Pedal, medial forefoot or toe of the pedal force supported body, reduce the burden on upper limb.

7. Cross, using its own flexibility to avoid difficulties, to seek a favourable support.

8. hang, put a toe or heel hanging rock, maintaining body balance body movement.

9.Step, using your feet men stepped before a larger point, reduce the burden on upper extremity and moving the body.
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