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What benefits of rock climbing?

  • Author:Aurora
  • Source:helmetsupplier
  • Release on:2016-08-08
Rock climbing is a sport for the human body and will require more stringent campaign. Rock climbing, we need a strong body, indomitable will, and some must be rock climbing skills. Through this movement, we can gain happiness, can also make the body stronger, more strong-willed. 
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Rock climbing energy consumption, so our body through the rock climbing exercise. More obvious physical benefits, hand grip, arm stretching power and push leg and waist strength. 

Specific physical benefits in the following areas: 

1. through the rock climbing, increasing body flexibility and a sense of harmony, which is the key to climbing ability, its importance is much more than physical; overseas have the medical field, climbing to correction. Child's motor development and hand-eye coordination, physical training.
2. build up your strength. Rock climbing is balanced to the hands of power and beauty, and enough to load your own weight against gravity, matter, girl but not of lost boys. 
benefits of rock climbing
3. the ability to focus. Foot tread blocks it selflessly, pay attention to every detail on rock displacement of the body, may raise a person's concentration.

4. gumption. When their climbing rope to bear weight, when hanging high up on the cliff or rock towers, was let go and continued to adhere to? Have not just the courage to describe, there will, sense of honor, and the transcendence of self determination.

5. higher confidence than their height at least 3 or 4 times times the rock, remains resolutely in difficult nature than ordinary people self-respect and self-confidence.

6. a sense of balance. Called walking on the walls of "Spider-man" and walking positions are three fixed points, rely on the sense of balance! 
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And in the will of benefits is less. In short rock climbing is a sport favored by young people like, good for our physical and mental health.

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