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What are the types of rock climbing

  • Author:helemt
  • Source:baidu
  • Release on:2016-07-29
Rock climbing has "rock ballet", "Cliff of rhythmic gymnastics", such as name, derived from the mountaineering, full of great skill, adventure, is an important item in the extreme sports, is very popular in the world.
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1. Natural rock climbing(Traditional Climbing)

Definition: climbing natural rock faces in the wild; general development and cleaning is difficult, or bouldering routes, also known as traditional climbing.

Advantages: it can get close to nature and fully experience the fun of rock climbing; rock point, Rocky's ever-changing variety of climbing routes due to wall fixing, public and long-term retention, so grading can be detected by people of natural rock contrast, become a major rock climbing grading basis.

Disadvantages: wild rock is located in the remote and inaccessible, and spend our time and money are large development effort. Aging after long development time.

2. Artificial rock climbing (Sport Climbing)

Definition: on the artificial climbing wall climbing, indoor climbing gym and an outdoor artificial wall, used for training and competition climbing, sport climbing, also known;

Advantages: the climber safe; convenient, timesaving; less unforeseeable factors, training or special training on a regular basis; crowded, facilitate cross-fertilisation; in addition, artificial rock wall can set privacy for your route to become the main form of rock climbing competition.

Cons: lacks special terrain, less creative, free room for small pivot adjustability makes artificial rock walls often change their routes, ranking more subjective, accuracy is low, relative to natural rock lines will be quite sharp, artificial lines more difficult on high power requirements.
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Difficulty climbing:
Is based on the difficulty of the climbing route to distinguish athletes were good and bad rock climbing competition. Difficulty climbing game results are based on provisions of the time players reached the wall height to determine. In the game, players below the rope protection, rope climbing and in accordance with the rules in order to hang protected hanged on cable. Game wall height is 15 meters, the line is set by the level of alignment based on the contestants, usually roof type is very difficult.

Speed climbing:
Like a hundred meters in the athletics competition with a sense of rhythm and movement, in accordance with specified routes, to distinguish between advantages and disadvantages.

Bouldering competition:
Line a short, difficult and require a better power and flexibility. Sets the end point of the game and score points, grab score points and make a valid score, hands over 3 seconds to score. Contests are generally 4 to 6 lines, line 5 minutes. Determine the position first of all depends on how much the ending point of the score a little more if the end point of the same number, last seen climbing times.
What are the types of rock climbing
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