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Introduction to climbing - china climbing helmet supplier

  • Author:helemt
  • Source:baidu
  • Release on:2016-07-28
In 1947, the former Soviet Union's first rock climbing Committee was set up.

1948 the Soviet Union first climbing Championship was held in China, the world's first rock climbing competition. Rock climbing began since then in vogue in Europe. 670, Europe held a number of folk games.
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First international rock climbing competition was held in the Soviet Union in 1976.

1980 France began rock climbing competition in all its forms.

In 1985 and 1986 Italy organized international competition, because there are many world rock climbing masters and was a great success. Rock climbing attracts many lovers, but due to the natural rock is in the suburbs, traffic, time brings many changes, people only use the holidays to take up the sport. 1985 French Francis. Shaweigeni invented free handling of natural man-made rock walls. He realizes people moved to urban areas in natural rock vision. Natural rock artificial rock wall than on the rules of the game are easy to operate, and conducive to the audience, the 1987 international climbing artificial rock climbing competitions approved by the Committee for international competitions, and in that year France hosted first on the artificial rock wall climbing competition.

In 1989 the first climbing World Cup matches staged in France and the United Kingdom, and Spain, and Italy, and Bulgaria and the former Soviet Union, athletes participate in events held all over, then rock climbing climbing every race score (game score standards shown in the table below), the annual ranking, score the best which is the winner of the World Cup. Since then, the World Cup is held every year.
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First world climbing Championship was held in 1991.

First World Youth climbing Championships was held in 1992.

1992 the international application to the International Olympic Committee Olympic Games included climbing project, 1993 formal recognition of rock climbing in the Olympics the International Olympic Committee, International Union is pushing hard for a rock climb in the 2006 Winter Olympic Games. In Asia, in January 1991 "Asia climbing competition Commission" was officially announced in Hong Kong, which marks the rock climbing in Asia has entered a new stage.

In September 1992, Korea Seoul hosted the first Asian rock-climbing Championships.

In China, in 1987 the Chinese Mountaineering Association sent 8 coaches and players went to Japan in Nagano, learning to rock climb, after returning to China, Yu reservoir, Huairou in Beijing in October of that year the flood of natural rock face held its first national rock climbing competition.

1990 national team training base in Huairou of artificial rock climbing competition was held for the first time on the site.
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In 1993, climbing competitions by the National Sports Commission in formal events, a national championship is held every year since then. In September, the first national climbing championship held in Changchun in October, China's first international tournament was held in Wuhan; in December, and successfully held the second Asian Championships in Changchun.

In 2011, the first sports games rock climbing competition in Shandong province and the eighth climbing championship held at the third Asian beach games held in Haiyang City rock climbing venues.

On October 16, 2012, the "Wujiang rural commercial bank Cup" 2012 • Wujiang fenhu masters international rock climbing, in the beautiful Yangtze paradise-the Wujiang.