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A rock climbing helmets to achieve your dream of climbing

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  • Release on:2016-06-20
Rock climbing isn’t for the faint of heart. You need strength, endurance, willpower, sharp wits, and nerves of steel to make an epic ascent.
climbing helmets
I tried indoor ROCK climbing yesterday for the first time & it was a really cool experience. I felt an intense awareness of my body, my strength, my thoughts & my energy.  It was definitely tougher than what I expected it to be from the outside looking in at first glance it doesn’t really seem that difficult. Until of course I tried & realize how much strength, focus, & committed it takes to really push through and make those next climbs. A metaphor for our inner world…

As I found myself climbing these walls, the higher I got, the more my FEAR would surface. Even when I knew that it was an illusionary fear. I was safe & nothing would happen if I fell, I was on a harness. Still, somehow I allowed the fear of falling to hold me back from making the next big move on the climb. I was so close to the top, I just needed to push through that bit of resistance, allowing my FEAR, letting go & redirecting my focus (energy) unto the rock.
A rock climbing helmets to achieve your dream of climbing
Rock-ClimbingJust as my fear of falling prevented me from getting to that next place, to making it the top of the climb. In our inner worlds the “fear of falling”  can prevent us from growing & expanding in our own life.

I felt a sense of accomplishment, as I put myself into the unknown & gave it my best despite my fear  regardless if I made it to the top or not.

What matters is what I took from it, the awareness I have now gain through the experience. I will enjoy challenging myself on the next climbs & practicing until I attain the focus & strength needed to make the full climb.
rock climbing helmets
Just as in life it’s really about the journey and the process of getting there, that counts. Each time you fall and YOU get up, you now have a new awareness, new information about the task at hand that you didn’t have before. That will now aid you in your process of making bigger moves and getting you closer to your destination. Yet remember the FOCUS is on the Journey as there really is no there.

Aurora specializes in manufacturing climbing helmets. A rock climbing helmets to achieve your dream of climbing.