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Rock climbing helmet builds your confidence

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  • Release on:2016-06-21
rock climbing helmet
Rock climbing  is new growing outdoor sport, the rock climbing tour can be adapted for groups or individuals in half-day, full day or multi-days tours of single pitch or top roped climbing.

Climbing safely requires you to put your life in someone else’s hands. There’s nothing quite like tumbling 5m to the ground and potentially spraining a shoulder to ruin a friendship or relationship forever. Even worse if its because your belayer couldn’t be arsed to look out for your safety.
rock climbing helmet factory
Basically this means that when you’ve scaled a wall, and come down successfully, you would have effectively built a tankful a trust with whoever is belaying you. If you’re looking to test out a potential spouse, or a business partner, rock climbing could serve as a good filter to see who’s the real keeper.

Rock climbing is a whole body workout.Very specialised sports such as running or swimming often target only particular muscle groups, leaving the body rather unbalanced and unprepared for physical tasks that could require a wide set of muscles.
rock climbing helmet factory
1. Basic equipments: belts, drop, a rise, a carabiner, quickly hung (at least 30), 60m Ropes (2-3), helmet and rope several
2. Most climbing routes are above 25 meters, so the length of the rope must be considered well and knot safety rope when climbing
3. Develop good safety awareness. Check climbing equipment whether safety in advance , and wear helmets, as there are lots of gravels at some lines
4. Some summits of the routes rub ropes.
5. Check the brackets before climbing, and it is not recommended to use steel wire brackets
6. Consult local circumstances from local rock club will help you
7. Pay attention to environmental protection. Do not throw rubbish in the gym. Do not take the brackets and lock on the site.
8. Climbers should wear specific climbing shoes, which is 2-3 size smaller than normal shoes to keep your toe bearing stress.

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