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Beijing proposed standard, skiers must wear a helmet to enter

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet factory
  • Release on:2016-12-07
From now on, skiers to be required to wear a helmet before they can enter the ski area. Sports safety operation management of Beijing local standard of the standardized skiing draft recently announced, the municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision and window of the capital Web site feedback. Now until December 9, public feedback via email or fax. Opinions clearly, ski area junior high school-level ski runs should be 70% per cent.

Draft proposed ski area should monitor the number of ski and statistics, and taking prompt measures according to actual situation. Skiing skiers wear helmets should be established management systems require skiers to wear a helmet before they can enter the ski area. Skiers should be prevented from taking any risk-taking beyond its own technological capability. Ski runs and classified management system should be established, be limited in an advanced ski run for beginners, and publicity at the striking position.
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Ski area planning should be designed according to national conditions, increasing the primary study area and intermediate transition area, intermediate ski runs should be 65% to 75% per cent, 35% senior 25% to ski. Proprietary junior ski should be planning teaching facilities and are equipped with a magic carpet or holding cable in order to meet the needs of beginners.
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