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Folding paper helmet - EcoHelmet

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-12-07
Recently, a bicycle helmet managed to attract people's attention. It is from New York's Pratt Institute graduate--EcoHelmet Isis Shiffer works, because the creative use of recycled paper, which has become a hot topic. Most people might have questioned whether a paper bicycle helmets can protect?
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It is understood that this amazing single helmet has recently obtained in 2016 the international James Dyson international design awards. According to the designer introduced Isis Shiffer, all using different materials to make paper helmet, primarily in order to be able to collapse the way to easy for people to carry, EcoHelmet can be folded up like an accordion, and the ultimate size of a banana.

More noteworthy is that different from ordinary cycling helmet, EcoHelmet not only recycling, you can also use biodegradable to reduce environmental pollution. In addition, the surface of the helmet with a biodegradable coating, water-resistant maximum duration of up to three hours.
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This magical paper helmet's so much magic, the secret lies in its unique structure and design. EcoHelmet uses a unique honeycomb shape, using the head subject to outside impacts, evenly dispersed forces, the polystyrene protection no less than a traditional helmet. More importantly, EcoHelmet simpler, cheaper materials, lower production costs and more.
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It seems that EcoHelmet is "Idol" and "good," and bicycle helmets. It is reported that EcoHelmet is code size. After 2016 by James Dyson international design awards, the designer Isis Shiffer said excitedly, will make great efforts to achieve commercialization of EcoHelmet, will in the future public bike-sharing site vending machines on the market, each helmet prices as low as $5.

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