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New helmet umbrella can withstand the force 7 winds

  • Author:AURORA
  • Source:helmet supplier
  • Release on:2016-12-06
"Helmet-mounted umbrella," has a good shelter against the seven winds
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According to the United Kingdom reported the daily mail, the strong wind blowing umbrella's embarrassment is a thing of the past, at present, the United Kingdom a company design a helmet type of umbrella.

Helmet umbrella cover can protect people in a strong wind and heavy rain, without prejudice to their line of sight, under the seven winds of 64 kilometers per hour, will not make an umbrella blown over from the inside out. United Kingdom Warwickshire hospitality umbrella company responsible for the design of this umbrella, rain will fall not only to people's body, also avoid the umbrella spokes stamp the faces of passers-by.
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Traditional umbrellas have many shortcomings, especially in harsh wind rain, strong winds will blow over the umbrella, and spokes design made it difficult to move through the crowd. For hundreds of years, umbrella's basic design has not changed, therefore need a more practical, suitable for modern rhythm of life umbrella.

The firm's boss (Stephen Collier) in last year's Grand National steeplechase appeared in strong wind and rain out of this design concept, he wanted to design an umbrella can be used for the crowd to watch.
helmet r&d
This umbrella front section structure, based on motorcycle helmet design. This means that people can see the umbrella thing on the front of the helmet, and avoid the head and shoulders in a strong wind and heavy rain get wet. Meanwhile, it can also be used to block the sunlight.

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