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Bicycle helmet to CE certification

  • Author:aurora
  • Source:helmet manufacture
  • Release on:2017-06-20
Helmets for cyclists and skateboarders in the EU must undergo rigorous testing and EC type-examination.Helmets should be of low weight, ventilated, easy to put on and take off, be usable with spectacles and not impair hearing. They should offer a clear field of vision.

Owing to the nature of sports such as cycling, roller skating and skateboarding, many of the accidents involve collisions at speed and, therefore, participants in these activities are always advised to wear protective clothing and headgear to help prevent serious injuries. The current standard for such head protectors is EN 1078:2012.
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EN 1078 contains a number of general requirements. For example, materials must be safe and innocuous – that is, not be hazardous to either the wearer or anyone else who comes into contact with the product. An important aspect of helmets is that the material characteristics must not be changed if placed in contact with substances typically found in toiletries, as some of these can reduce the strength of plastics typically used in helmet manufacture.

EN 1078 is due to be amended to clarify an important safety issue regarding warnings and instructions. The amendment concerns the marking, which must be placed on the helmet before it is put on the market in the EU. Previously, there have been fatal accidents involving children playing on climbing equipment or in trees while wearing EN 1078-compliant helmets. There is the potential in such situations for the child to get caught or trapped by the helmet, resulting in strangulation.

The proposed amendment, which is in its final draft form, provides for a stronger warning about these dangers and requires that these warnings, plus other information, are also copied into the user’s information leaflet. It is now SATRA’s policy to insist that manufacturers comply, in their marking and instructions, with the requirements in the draft amendment before a helmet can be CE marked.
Bicycle helmet certification
Within Europe, all such helmets are regarded as intermediate category personal protective equipment. This means they must be subject to an EC type-examination involving the satisfactory assessment of the ‘technical file’ which will include details of drawings, design specifications and materials plus the instructions for use and relevant markings, before the manufacturer is issued with an EC type-approval certificate. The manufacturer can then make an EC declaration of conformity (a statement that all subsequent production will be the same as the model type approved) apply the CE mark and place product on the market.

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